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Kushen Sahadaw Attorney at Law is a dynamic law firm dedicated and ultimately committed to providing superior legal advice and exceptional levels of service to all clients.

The firm is duly registered with the Legal Practice Council and in compliance with Section 84(1), (2) and (3) of the Legal Practice Act 28 of 2014, hold a duly issued Fidelity Fund Certificate. The firm is further duly registered in terms of the Value Added Tax ("VAT") as a sole proprietorship.

The firm was established under the directorship of Kushen Sahadaw in the year 1996 with the sole purpose of focusing on quality levels of service and the development of a prolonged, successful relationship with each and every one of its diverse clients.


At Kushen Sahadaw Attorney at Law, we've come to realize that good customer service is the only way for an attorneys firm to distinguish itself from its competitors. It is therefore of utmost importance to accept that true customer service can solely be achieved by understanding the daily needs and frustrations continually experienced by every citizen on the street, entrepreneurs and businessmen/women alike.


In order to keep abreast with new developments in Law and technology, the firm's professional and support staff regularly attends seminars and workshops presented by the Law Society, other various bodies and other service providers.
With our history of impeccable service, it's not surprising that after well over a decade, we're still one of the fastest growing law firms in the country!

Kushen Sahadaw Attorney at Law offers a comprehensive range of legal services to its clients


The firm currently consists of, the Proprietor who is complimented with an efficient, dynamic and professional team.

Kushen Sahadaw
Sole Proprietor

Keyur Sahadaw
Candidate Attorney

Payal Beepraj
Candidate Attorney

Anben Reddy (Vinesh)
Admin (general litigation)

Daphney Smith
RAF consultant 

Yershen Govindasami
Admin (estates, trusts, transfers)

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